Cooperation for a common Future

We are currently working with Youth Alliance Krushevo on the C4CF initiative. The main objective is to create an intergovernmental body – bilateral youth cooperation offices between the Republic of North Macedonia and Greece, which will have a leading role in youth cooperation processes between the two countries in the spirit of reconciliation and building good neighborly relations.

c4CF Events

Youth Exchange

Training Course in Krusevo

Strengthening Bonds between alligned neighbors

2nd Thessaloniki Networking Forum

19th International Youth Conference

19th International Youth Conference

Open discussion with H.E. Ambassador Kate Marie Byrnes

Outdoor Festival

2nd Balkan Dialogue

Online Events

Gender Equality

Empowering youn women at work

Erasmus + Opportunities for bilateral youth cooperation

Fake news in a pandemic world

Agenda 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals

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