DigiCOOP for Youth Employability is an Erasmus+ project which aims to address the issue of youth unemployment in Greece, Bulgaria and North Macedonia. In the context of the program which is implemented by three organizations, Youth Alliance, SEE in Action and Step Forward, we created a platform for job search, mobility, studies, and other programs. At the same time, we offer through the platform a significant amount of information that will facilitate the young people in their new steps.

You can visit the project’s website by clicking here.

GA Number: 2021-1-MK01-KA220-YOU-00002882

The need

In a landscape marked by high unemployment rates, particularly among the youth, and a lack of collaborative opportunities, our initiative stands strong. We recognize the challenges faced by young minds seeking personal and professional growth, battling the effects of brain drain, and dealing with the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our project aims to be the catalyst for change, offering a dynamic solution to uplift the prospects of the next generation.

Our solution

Create an Online Networking Platform: Facilitate collaboration among representatives of different sectors, providing young people access to new opportunities.

Raise Awareness: Educate stakeholders about the possibilities of online networking and cooperation in cross-border regions.

Equip Young People: Provide essential information to young people on how they can upgrade their competencies through platform subscription.

Meet the partners!

Youth Alliance 

Youth Alliance – Krusevo is an independent, non-governmental, non-political and non-profit organization founded in 1999. Our members (70-80 members) are young people between 15 and 35 who work, study or express their interest in the process of EU integration of our country. YAK is run by young people for young people, enabling a great experience for all of its stakeholders.

Step Forward

At its core, serves as a beacon of optimism, actively contributing to Bulgaria’s societal transformation. With an expanding team, each member radiates an infectious energy, driven by the conviction that they are instrumental in fostering substantial and constructive changes across the nation. Through initiatives promoting entrepreneurship, critical thinking, cultural heritage, and ethical values, stands as a catalyst for positive change. 

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SEE in Action

SEE in Action is a non-profit organization established in Athens, Greece, since 2021. Its aim is to promote youth cooperation in South East Europe through research, campaigns, exchange projects and multilateral events. Having been founded by young people, students and workers, it is also dedicated to fostering youth-related issues at a national level, in an effort to achieve the prioritization of youth affairs on the public agend.