The war in ukraine: the role of grassrot mobilisation and youth

The invasion of Ukraine by Russia was an unprecedented attack that sent chills all over the world. After almost two months of warfare, more than five million civilians have fled Ukraine while more than seven million Ukrainians have been displaced by force within the country. We are witnessing war crimes and attrocities that bring back memories of some of the darkest moments of Εurope’s history. We are witnessing an uneven fight which is a direct attack on the values of freedom, democracy, the rule of law and human rights and dignity. Young people have been particularly affected by the war. The aim of this online event is to give the floor to young people from Ukraine, so they can share their experiences, discuss ways to mobilize people outside Ukraine and the role of civil society organizations and promote ways of professing our solidarity and support towards the people of Ukraine;

  1. What are the current challenges and difficulties in Ukraine and how can the youth, the NGOs, and the CSOs mobilize on a grassroot level and reverse the situation?
  2. Which is the current geopolitical scheme in the region and the Russian invasion of Ukraine? 
  3. There is a need for accurate news, resilient accounts on social media, and role models that indeed can fight for a sustainable society.

We would like to thank all the people who attended and of course our main speakers Olha Hunchak, Karyna Koliadych, and Liudmyla Svetska for their insightful presentations.

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