📸 Are you ready to tell compelling stories through the lens of your camera? Join us in an exploration of “Edges Unveiled,” a photography event that invites you to shed light on the hidden narratives of those often overlooked and marginalized in the urban landscape. Through the medium of photography, we aim to unveil the emotional journeys and unique challenges faced by individuals on the fringes of society. 

🌍 We also seek to unravel the intricate concept of Balkan identity within the vibrant context of Athens. How do the residents of this South Eastern European city perceive and connect with their Balkan roots? Are there distinctive elements that signify their Balkan identity, and if so, what are they? Through your photographic exploration, we aim to uncover the diverse identities that coexist within the multicultural tapestry of Athens. 

📢 Join us in this creative endeavor to capture the essence of “Edges Unveiled.” Your photographs can be a powerful tool for promoting inclusivity, empathy, and the celebration of the rich tapestry of identities in our urban landscape.