The 2016 Refugee Crisis at the Borders: A civil Society approach

On May 25, 2021, an online event was held between the NGO SEE in Action (Greece) and the Youth Alliance Krusevo (North Macedonia), with the theme “The 2016 Refugee Crisis at the Borders: A Civil Society approach”. The main purpose of the event was to highlight the common problems faced by both countries, the humanitarian crisis that took place, as well as to inform the public and to address the prejudices that coexisted with this crisis. The event was attended by Nikitas Kanakis (Member of the Doctors of the World and ex-president), Anastasia Patsiou (Sociologist, Professor in High School and Activist in Local NGO in Greece), 

Katerina Kolozova (Director of the Institute for Social Sciences and Humanities in Skopje), Robert Atanasovski (photographer from North Macedonia for Agence – France Press) and Vanja Lazaridis (National Stuff in International Organization for Migration in North Macedonia), all of whom have been active, either at the level of Civil Society or independently.

The main goal was also to hold a second level of discussion on whether Civil Society has an important role to play in resolving crises and whether cooperation between the two countries can promote human rights, respect and dignity for the vulnerable. groups, ending with some QAs.