Gender Equality

In this month’s events, under the c4cf initiative, we focus on gender equality and the need to overcome difficulties and challenges in terms of legislative content or to overcome existing stereotypes. We intend to inform our audience on how gender equality can be achieved, what are the gaps in the legislative content and how we can use this to find justice in situations such as injustice in the labour market. The basis of the event will be the “Istanbul Convention against violence against women and domestic violence”. 

We will try to analyse the core of the Convention and highlight its value in our time.
For these reasons we have invited as a keynote speaker Ms. Mina Kaouni, a lawyer, who focuses on women’s and women’s rights issues, based in Athens. Ms. Kaouni is committed to achieving gender equality in the daily life of the Greek reality.
The discussion will be held via zoom platform and will be broadcast on our social media channels.

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