Strengthening bonds between alienated neighbors in the region: Greece, Bulgaria, North Macedonia

The following three days, May 06-08, mark the beginning of our first trilateral project between Greece, Bulgaria, and North Macedonia! Our project “Strengthening bonds between alienated neighbors” focuses on the establishment of strong ties among the three countries and the recreation of an environment of mutual cooperation and understanding following the weakening of trilateral relations in recent decades.
The topic of our first event, in Thessaloniki, “Education and Employment” creates a fertile ground for further discussion on how the role of civil society in the three countries could be empowered, and in particular, on what needs to be done in order to enable young people to contribute further in shaping socio-political realities through active engagement and participation.
We intend to give young people and civil society stakeholders the space and opportunity to work as a team. Our organization advocates for the active engagement of young people in the long process of strengthening the bonds between our countries which we consider a critical step towards further stabilization in the region.  We want to thank Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom Greece for supporting our project! The following rounds of this specific project will take place in Skopje and Sofia over the next months.

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